Sunday, August 25, 2019

Peeps from Sheep: Animated video on Confession

Peeps from Sheep #4 - White as Wool from Catholics Come Home on Vimeo.

“Lord, I Need You” – (Official Lyric Video, from Matt Maher)

For your inspiration. A perfect song for a prayer service, and suitable for all ages. Artist: Matt Maher Album: All The People Said Amen Watch Matt Maher...

Lent and Fasting (a 6-min. video)

Tips and Reasons for Fasting for teens and adults. #lent <

Fr. Mike Schmitz on the Woman Woman movie and a Christian’s call to heroism

Suitable for high school age and older.

A hymn to Mary, in the wake of Notre Dame’s fire

Just push play and pray along. Suitable for all ages. Thank you to great film-making team at Spirit Juice Studios! Banner image credit: mattabbe / iStock 183305123

Christopher West: “Sex, Gender, and Jesus” (Multi-part video)

Christopher West, a Catholic author and speaker best known for his powerful presentations on St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, presented a...

What Wondrous Love is This? (6-min. video of this hymn with images of the...

For your inspiration. A hymn suitable for a prayer service. Suitable for middleschoolers, teens, adults. Artist: Connie Dover Album: The Border of Heaven Lyrics: What wondrous love is...

Have you discovered Catholic Central?

Catholic Central is a great video series with a young vibe to help is all evangelize and catechize. Check out this resource from Family...

“I’m Alive” – music video from Fr. Rob Galea

Fr Rob Galea is a priest with a gift for modern music. You might want to share his music with the youth you work...

Catholic Central – The REAL Presence of the Eucharist (Video: 7 mins.)

Need a refresher or a lesson supplement on the Real Presence? Don't miss this! The REAL PRESENCE of the EUCHARIST Photo credit: Courtesy of Catholic Central