Saturday, June 25, 2022

One Sister’s Vocation Story: From the Daughters of St. Paul

A beautiful story from the Daughters of St. Paul. Share this with middle-schoolers, teens, and adults. Learn more here. Image credit: Daughters of St. Paul

What are the Practices of Lent? (6-min. video from WordOnFire.org)

Great summary from Bishop Barron on the basic spiritual practices we can accomplish during the penitential season of Lent. Good for teen and adults....

Introduction to the Mass (video series)

The 4-part series on the Mass from the Archdiocese of Mobile and 4PM Media. This is the first of 4 videos. Watch the remaining videos here. Find...

Peeps from Sheep: Animated video on Confession

Peeps from Sheep #4 - White as Wool from Catholics Come Home on Vimeo.

Courage International: For men and women who experience same-sex attractions

Courage International is a Catholic pastoral ministry that assists people with same-sex attraction. This video is suitable for parish leaders and interested adults. Note...

A hymn to Mary, in the wake of Notre Dame’s fire

Just push play and pray along. Suitable for all ages. Thank you to great film-making team at Spirit Juice Studios! Banner image credit: mattabbe / iStock 183305123

God Reigns — a music video from John Burland about Mary’s fiat #Annunciation

A song of joy and truth that sings about Mary's fiat at the Annunciation — her "yes" to God — by Catholic recording artist...

Drawn to You — a song of prayer by Audrey Assad (Lyric Video)

Popular Catholic recording artist Audrey Assad offers this song from her Evergreen album. Suitable for teens and adults. Lyrics included. Image credit: Courtesy of Audrey Assad

Deliverer: (A 5 min. video of the song by Audrey Assad)

From Audrey Assad's album, Evergreen. Suitable for teens and adults.