Friday, July 19, 2024

Bits O’Wisdom: In the Breaking of the Bread

The post-resurrection events were and are teachable moments.

Faith in Facts for Young Learners —The Bible

Do you know these facts about the Bible? Read each statement and circle the letter next to the word or phrase that makes the statement a fact. Before you begin, fold the bottom of the page up to the dotted line. That way, you cannot see the answers until you’re ready to check your facts. Have fun and learn!

10 Techniques for Teaching the Bible

The fifth graders were called forth from the pews after the homily.

Complete-A-Project Bible Search: Following Jesus

This Complete-A-Project Bible Search is based on Matthew 4:12-23. It can be used with learners across a broad age range.

Complete-A-Project Bible Search: Loving God the Most

This Complete-A-Project Bible Search activity is for teacher and students (grades 4-6) working together. This Bible Search is based on John 21:1-19.

Complete-A-Project Bible Search: Jesus Teaches about the Law

You can use this Complete-A-Project Bible Search activity with learners across a broad age range. This Bible Search is based on Matthew 5:17-37.

A Vocation Vocabulary: Know What You’re Talking About

by Karen M. Elliott, CPPSThe biblical stories of individuals called into a vocational covenant with God and God’s people are as inspiring today...

Explore and Learn about the Bible

The Church has a timeless treasure—the Bible. You can open the door of faith by exploring this treasure with your students.

The Art and Skill of Active Listening

by Jeanne Heiberg As we start a new school year, it’s good to think about the art of listening. Will Rogers, a wise American...

Does John Use Parables? Introduction to John’s Figures of Speech

John’s Gospel, the last to be written (between 90 and 100 a.d.), is often called a spiritual Gospel, and the author has been called a theologian by John Chrysostom and other Fathers of the Church.