Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Explore and Learn about the Bible

The Church has a timeless treasure—the Bible. You can open the door of faith by exploring this treasure with your students.

A Family Together: Who Said That?

A group activity for the family at home or your class family.

Rediscovering the Parables: The Question of a Correct Understanding

The parables that Jesus told can be a source of confusion for many people of our times. People wonder why Jesus talked in riddles that often can be difficult to understand. How does a catechist go about deciphering and explaining the point that the Lord was trying to make?

Complete-A-Project Bible Search: Almsgiving, Praying, and Fasting

This Complete-A-Project Bible Search activity is for teacher and students (grades 4-6) working together. This Bible Search is based on Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18, the Gospel that is read on Ash Wednesday.

Complete-A-Project Bible Search: Jesus, the Good Shepherd

This Complete-A-Project Bible Search Activity is for teacher and students (grades 4-6) working together.

Praying the Scriptures: A Guide for Teens to Engage with God

BY BECKY GROTH "Mom, we read a Bible verse, go around and say what word or sentence jumped out at us, read the verse again,...

Rich Soil: Teaching the parable of the sower

BY LYNN WEHNER Gardens and growth. Seeds and soil. Spring approaches! We all know that water, sunlight, and the right kind of soil will help...

Make Every Minute Count

BY SR. JANET SCHAEFFLER, OP Ten minutes left--and you've run out of things to do. Preparing for the extra moments that occur for your students...

The Sunday Gospel (Nov. and Dec. 2017)

Editors Note: This article offers commentary and reflection questions for each Sunday Gospel for November (the final weeks of Ordinary Time) and December (the...

A Parable of Forgiveness

The Prodigal Returns BY LYNN WEHNER Soon we will come face-to-face with Lent, a season marked by prayer, penance, and the call to return to God....