Wednesday, June 19, 2019

YouTube Videos in Today’s Classroom

Tips for sharing safe, distraction-free video content ANNABEL DOTZMAN In our ever-changing world, technology continues to develop at a record pace. If we stop for a...

How to Organize the Best Vacation Bible School Team…Ever!

Pope Francis: “The Christian life is not limited to prayer, but requires an ongoing dedication and courage born of prayer.”

Your Space: In the Desert with Jesus

The learning area needs to inspire and engage your students. Here is an idea for how to decorate and arrange your learning space and prayer table for Lent.

Best Practices for Teaching Religion

In many ways, catechesis is a lot like parenting.

Leading DRE: 3 Summer-Break Planning Strategies

Before you Pause, Look Back and Look Forward DEANNA BARTALINI The catechetical year is winding down. You’ve made it through whirlwind months of working on...

ICE: Making Every Minute Count

In 1785, the poet Robert Burns wrote "To a Mouse," a poem that inadvertently tells us something about the reality of being a catechist. Burns said, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." In other words, no matter how well thought-out your lesson plan is, be prepared. Expect the unexpected. Have a Plan B. Make every minute count.

Create a Portable Prayer Corner

I first taught religion on Saturday mornings at St. Lucy's, a mission church. My "classroom" was the kitchen. The room was equipped with folding...

Creating Eye-Catching Communications

BY DEANNA BARTALINI Our world has become ever increasingly visual. While the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” has been around a long...

More Than Math!

How Catechists Teach Differently Than Any Other Kind of Teacher Jared Dees When I first started out as a religious educator, I used to be envious...