An Advent Calendar for Adults

Advent is a four-week period of increased prayer and preparation before Christmas.
We are well acquainted with the practice of employing Advent calendars with children to build anticipation for Christmas. Why should children have all the fun? Using an Advent calendar for grown-ups can be a simple way for busy persons to keep the season holy. It can be a daily call to simple fasting, prayer, or almsgiving to better prepare to receive the coming of Christ at Christmas.


We’ve created a free downloadable Advent calendar for adults in both color and black-and-white for your use. You will find a blank template, too, if you wish to create your own calendar.

Click on the blue links below to download the pages you will need.

Here is full color PDF of the Advent Calendar for with directions for assembly:

A black-and-white version has two pages… 
Here:  CAT2019_AdventCal_bw_blank
And here: CAT2019_AdventCal_bw

Here is a blank version in colorCAT2019_AdventCal_Color_blank
For the top page, use the one found here: CAT2019_AdventCal_FULL



….from the Catechist staff.