Catholic IQ–Prayer Is Never Trivial

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Here’s a 20-question quiz on prayer. It contains sample questions such as:

  • Which traditional Catholic prayer is associated with a sacrament?
  • Which prayer is known as the Lord’s Prayer?
  • Praying in front of a monstrance that displays the Eucharistic Jesus is called what?

This quiz can help you, your students, and your students’ families review their knowledge about our Catholic faith, especially prayer. Permission is granted to share it at church, school, or at home.

Download the Quiz and the Answer Key here: CAT.Feb2018.CatholicIQ

DAVID O’BRIEN , MDiv, MA, is the faith formation director at St. Timothy parish in Florida. He teaches theology at St. Leo University and is the author of There’s a Beer in My Handbag: Unusual Thoughts about Everyday Faith.

This article was originally published in Catechist magazine, February 2018.

Image credit: Ben White/Unsplash 170383

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