A Setting-the-Table Blessing

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Here is a Setting the Table Blessing for use with your students or to send home for family use.

Bless this table, Lord, where we gather to share your bounty.

Bless the chairs around this table and the people who will sit here.

Bless this table covering and all our decorations, which remind us of the beauty of your creation.

Bless these plates, Lord, which will hold out food.

Bless these forks and knives and spoons, which we use to eat with.

Bless our family, near and far, and our friends and all those who need our prayers.

Bless those who have little food or shelter, and open our hearts to their needs.

Bless all who helped grow, prepare, and serve our food.

Bless you, Lord, for all your goodness to us!


For a downloadable pdf to print to send home for familes: Bless this table Lord

This prayer originally appeared in RTJ’s creative catechist November/December 2013.


Image: Payton Ferris on Unsplash

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