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Advice from Master Catechists—April/May 2011

A stranger asks one of my students for money. As a catechist, how might I have used this story? A new parish policy affecting the religious education program fee has been approved without my input. Is this grounds for quitting at the end of the year?

Can We Study That?

DREs are often viewed as “master catechists.” Their role is to oversee the curriculum that is being taught in a parish. Many times they are called upon to “fill in the blanks” when educational needs are presented in the parish. Often they are asked to research projects, give presentations, or teach topics that are varied and often complex. People in the community come to depend on them as excellent resource people for the plethora of interests that evolve in a learning environment. Most DREs love that facet of their jobs!

Advice from Master Catechists – February 2010

Are there problems with a child from another denomination attending our RE classes? Can we pray for the soldiers of our enemies?

Family-Centered Religious Education

Parish leaders share what’s working DARIA SOCKEY Family-centered catechetics programs — a model that has existed for some time — seems to be trending from a...

Advice from Master Catechists—March 2011

Can you give us pointers on how best to merge our religious education programs? How can I find renewed enthusiasm for my ministry?

Tips for Starting A New Program Year

LORI DAHLHOFF "In the beginning was the Word." (John 1:1) The start of any new educational program is filled with words: names, room assignments, textbooks, lesson...

Let the Party Continue!

Do the newly initiated deserve an extended period of hand-holding and deeper inquiry? Can the spirit of mystagogy pervade all of catechesis in your parish? Or, where you live, is it true that CCD really means communion, confirmation, done?

How to Start a Catechist Book and Media Club

One of the difficult things for volunteer catechists to do is find time to read catechetical or theological material. After all, catechists are busy people. They often have families, jobs, and household responsibilities, and, of course, they generously volunteer their time to be catechists. A book and media club might be one way to help catechists reflect on their experiences of faith. It might also be a way to help them develop a sense of community among themselves.

5 Tips for Forming Catechists’ Spirituality

DR. LORI DAHLHOFF Nurturing the spirituality of catechists is crucial to providing effective religious education. Daily meditation on Scripture Incorporate guided meditation on Scripture into meetings...

Lent: Time for a spiritual recharge for catechists

DREs and Parish Leaders, here are a few tips to strengthen your catechists: Highlight traditional practices of the season in a contemporary way to help...