Books for Christmas Gift-Giving — For catechists and families!

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Catechist recommends our gift lists for the catechists in your life and for families.

Browse our recommendations and our links below. 

For Catechists 

The NEW Directory for Catechesis
Highlights and Summaries for Catechists and Pastoral Leaders

By Matthew W. Halbach, PHD

This guide presents the official document in an easy-to-follow format by: Summarizing each of the new Directory’s main parts; Highlighting new points and directions for the Church’s mission of catechesis; Inviting catechists and catechetical leaders to deepen their understanding and appreciation of catechesis and its connection with evangelization and mission; Providing reflection and prayer for each section; and Offering a user-friendly glossary of terms for quick reference.


Find this book at Twenty-third Publications.


The How-to Book of Evangelization
Everything you need to know but no one ever taught you

 By Jennifer Fitz

A veteran catechist, youth minister, RCIA leader, (you name it, she’s done it) starts with the fundamentals—prayer, fasting, listening to others—before moving on to the many “how-to’s” and ways to approach people who need to hear the Good News. Above all, it’s not about the latest, flashiest program. It’s about relationship.


Find this book at Our Sunday Visitor. 


The Word on Fire Bible – The Gospels    

A magnificent gift in terms of the visual: leather cover, gold leaf page edges, ribbon marker, and beautiful artwork throughout. But more important, it’s rich and varied commentary from Bishop Barron and Catholic authors across the centuries make this edition of the four gospels a gift for the soul.

$59.95 (leather edition)

Find this book at Word on Fire. 

Failing Forward
Leadership Lessons for Catholic Teens Today

By Alan Migliorato and Darryl Dziedziec

Although written for parents, this book also has applications for youth ministry. Give teens a challenge—and step back. Let them fail, evaluate what went wrong, and make their own decisions about how to do better next time. Repeat.


Find this book at Sophia Institute.


The Contagious Catholic
The Art of Practical Evangelization

By Marcel LeJeune

The founder of Catholic Missionary Disciples describes the most frequent problems encountered by Catholics who want to share the faith. He has us assess our own spiritual journey so that we know what has to happen before we can effectively mentor others and gives both principles and strategies for practical evangelization.


Find this book at Ascension Press. 


The Reed of God        

By Caryll Houselander

First published in 1944 and now a spiritual classic, The Reed of God contains meditations on the humanity of Mary, Mother of God. British Catholic writer Caryll Houselander lovingly explores Mary’s intimately human side, depicting Our Lady as a musical instrument—a reed—who makes herself an instrument for the divine plan. Confronting the static, surreal “Madonna of the Christmas card,” this book provides an intuitive, warmly human, and approachable image of Mary.


Find this book at Ave Maria Press.

For Families

The Catholic Book of Family Prayers

By Jerry Windley-Daoust

This volume helps parents to introduce their children to the richness of Christian prayer. This is a beautiful collection packed with prayers, blessings, meditations, saintly wisdom, and artwork—all selected specifically for Catholic families to pray together.


Find this book at Our Sunday Visitor.



My Little Catholic Encyclopedia

By Marie-Christine Vidal & Robin

Answers to children’s questions about God, the Bible, the Church and more! With easy-to-read entries, as well as prayers, ideas for living the faith and more, My Little Catholic Encyclopedia is a must-have for Catholic families.


Find this book at Pflaum Publishing. 


Let This Be the Time
Spiritual Essentials for Life’s Second Act

By Janet Schaeffler, OP

The second half of life offers many opportunities for growth, discovery, and new meanings. Janet Schaeffler helps you explore them with wisdom, prayer and a deep sense of appreciation for who you are and who you are still becoming. With insights from experts—those on the journey and those who study it—she describes twelve needs of people in their maturing years, always mindful of each individual’s unique needs and realities.


Find this book at Twenty-third Publications. 


365 Devotions for Seniors
Daily Moments with God for Living Life to the Fullest

Edited by Mark Zimmerman

Designed especially for older adults and written by older adults, these large print devotions for all 365 days of the year are meant to encourage, inspire and engage those living out their Christian faith in their later years. With only month and day noted at the top of each devotional page, this book can be used in any year and can be started at any point in any given year. Each devotion begins with a reading from Scripture related to the theme for the day, followed by a reflection. A prayer concludes the reflection. A suggested activity follows, with additional Bible passages listed for further reading.


Find this book at Creative Communications for the Parish. 

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