Monday, December 10, 2018

Ordinary Time Quandary

QUESTION: I need discussion subjects for Ordinary Time. Many classes are geared to discuss the liturgical cycles of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. Ordinary...

Celebrating Saint Peter Damian

Peter was born in 1007 and lived with his family in Italy. His parents died when he was a child, so he went to stay with an older brother who treated him badly. Another brother, a priest, found out and helped Peter get an education. Peter was a good student and eventually became a university teacher.

A Jesse Tree Craft Swap

REBECCA RYSKIND TETI One of the nicest traditions to emerge from the quest for appropriate family devotions during Advent is the practice of putting up...

Celebrating Saint Marguerite d’Youville

Marguerite helped care for those who were sick and living in poverty. She shared God’s love with everyone, even with those who were against her.

We Gather To Pray: An Advent Prayer Service

Pray with the four themes of the season MARC CARDARONELLA The catechetical challenge for Advent is that it’s not Christmas, but everyone around us acts like...

People of the Way

During Lent, we liturgically relive the passion and death of Christ. We know that his lifesaving death blazed a pathway into the reign of God for all of us.

Celebrating Saint … Émilie de Villeneuve

by Patricia MathsonCLICK HERE for a pdf about St. Émilie de Villeneuve and other feast days in October. Copyright 2015, Bayard, Inc. All rights reserved....

‘Tis the Season (Advent and Christmas Quiz)

BY DAVID O’BRIEN This quiz can help you, your students, and your students’ families review what you know about our Catholic faith. Check your answers...

Advent—A Time to Prepare

A group activity for the family at home or your class family.

What Catholics Should Know About the Liturgical Calendar: Advent and Christmas

The Liturgical calendar speak to all our senses.  We are drawn in by the fulfillment of tradition that include feast days, celebrations of saints,...