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Craft Clips: Newspaper
by Jeanne Heiberg
Newspaper can be used for a variety of crafts.
Newspaper can be used for a variety of crafts.

* Be sure to use sheets of newspaper—classified sections are best—that contain neutral content, acceptable for children to see.
* Layer several sheets of newspaper to cover your craft work space, especially when using materials like paint, glue, and glitter.
* Newspaper is an economical material to use for images created with paint or heavy markers. 
* Use markers, crayons, or paint (try drawing with a stick dipped in black paint) on newspaper to add symbols and images for gift wrapping with a personal touch, or for great “fine art” drawings.
* Newspapers offer a wide variety of images, patterns, borders, and words in different typefaces and sizes. These can be used to decorate greeting cards, posters, and signs.
* Many newspaper crafts include the use of a special glue. You can make this glue by mixing 3 parts regular school glue with one part water. Or you can make flour-based glue by mixing 1 part flour and 4 parts cold water. Then add 4 parts boiling water and 1/8 part sugar. Let cool before using.
* Make trays by stacking 4 to 7 pieces of newspaper on top of one another, cut to desired size. Lightly spread special glue (see above) between the pieces to hold the stack together. Make 1” or 2” diagonal slits at the corners (all four corners measuring the same). Fold up the four sides and overlap at the corners. Cover the tray with special glue or Mod Podge®. Use clothes pins or paper clips to hold the corners together until dry.
* Make small magnets in the shape of symbols of the Sacraments, such as chalices, loaves of bread, stoles, crosses, hearts, rings, doves, etc., using four sheets of newspaper, cut to the desired size. Lightly spread special glue on each piece of newspaper and stack pieces on top of each other. Let the stack dry, cut the stack into desired shape, and affix a piece of magnet strip to the back. Or, instead of making magnets, use these symbols to create a Sacrament mobile.
* Make personal placemats for a special meal—perhaps for the celebration of receiving First Reconciliation or First Communion—following the directions for making a tray, except do not make the diagonal slits to form edges.
* Find other fun and easy ideas for using newspaper in crafts by entering images for newspaper crafts in your internet search engine. Also, see ideas at

Jeanne Heiberg is the author of
Advent Arts and Christmas Crafts (Paulist Press) and Advent calendars (Creative Communications). She has taught art, writing, creative catechetics, and meditation, and has directed parish catechetical programs.

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