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Craft Clip: Paper Towels
by Jeanne Heiberg
Paper towels can be used for festive and fun crafts.
Paper towels can be used for festive and fun crafts.

* Make a festive panel by folding a paper towel sheet three times horizontally and then four times vertically, creating a square. Cut simple designs around the four edges, such as half moons or v-shapes, as if making a snowflake. Open the paper towel and hang it on a line strung high across the room. Hanging a lot of these panels, especially made from plain white paper towels, will bring a festive look of the Christmas Season to your learning space.

* Make a colorful panel by folding a paper towel sheet as described above and, instead of cutting it, dip the edges of the folded square into different colors of dye (food coloring or crepe paper soaked in hot water make good dyes). Open and hang to dry over newspapers and then hang it on a line as mentioned before. Imagine the festive environment created by a lot of colorful panels hanging on the line.

* Use paper towels as clothes for plastic-bottle people or cardboard puppets. Tie or tape around necks for collars, draw in at waists with yarn or ribbon as belts, throw over shoulders for capes, or drape over heads for scarves and veils. Before using, you might want to color the paper towel using crayons or colored pencils, or dye it as previously described.

* Make flowers for your bulletin board to celebrate Mary on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (December 8) by placing four paper towels on top of each other and tracing around a large plate on the top paper towel. Then, holding the stack together, cut around the circle. This will give you four circles (repeat for as many as you want). Decorate each circle with blue crayons or colored pencils, cut designs around the edges, and attach to the bulletin board. Or twist at the center to form a fuller bloom and attach to a pipe cleaner to serve as a stem to make a blue bouquet for Mary.

* Make “flames” for the candles on your Advent wreath (made of four paper towel tubes, three covered with violet-colored construction paper and one covered with rose-colored construction paper) by coloring all the way around the edges of both sides of a paper towel sheet with orange and red crayons, wadding the sheet in the center, and stuffing the wadded center into the hole in the top of the tube.

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