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Craft Clip: Duct Tape
by Jeanne Heiberg

Have fun with the wide variety of colors.


* To make a floral bloom, cut eight strips of tape, 8 ½” long. Press two strips together, sticky sides facing each other. This creates one strip. Repeat with two more strips, and two more strips, and two more strips—giving you four strips. Overlap two strips to form a cross. Overlap the two remaining strips to form an X over the cross. Staple all together at the center where they meet. Bring each end into the center and staple again. For a fuller bloom, cut eight more strips of tape, slightly shorter, and follow the above directions. Then glue the smaller bloom in the center of the larger bloom. Cover center staples with a piece of duct tape cut in a circle. You may want to fringe or scallop the center circle.

* Use duct tape to make a colorful banner for your classroom, welcoming students to the new learning year. Cut designs, symbols, and letters out of duct tape and tape them to a brightly colored plastic tablecloth. To make banners for indoor use only, the background can be made of craft foam, poster board, felt, or fabric.

* Use different colors of duct tape to dress puppets made of cardboard tubes from paper towels or figures made from plastic bottles. Be creative with the tape to make belts, sashes, cloaks, hair, boots, etc. You can also use duct tape to create facial features. Use the puppets to act out stories from Scripture or puppet skits that help reinforce a lesson.

* Duct tape is great for holding legs, snouts and noses, ears, tails, etc. to the bodies of papier-mâché animals or those made from plastic bottles or cardboard boxes. Use contrasting colors of duct tape to give the animals dots and stripes. Be creative! Flowers on pigs?

* Make refrigerator magnates of Christian symbols (cross, heart, etc.) by cutting the shape of the symbol from a piece of duct tape and then placing the sticky side of the symbol to the sticky side of another piece of duct tape. Trim around the edge of the symbol. Cut a small strip from a self-adhesive magnet roll and press to one side of the symbol.



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