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God's Love in My Classroom
by Sister Marie Roccapriore, M.P.F.
I SEE Your Love, Lord
I SEE Your Love, Lord,
in the smile on a child’s face,
in this faith formation place.

I HEAR Your Love, Lord,
in the laughter that we share,
in our quiet time at prayer.

I TASTE Your Love, Lord,
in the snacks the children bring,
in the sweetness when they sing.

I FEEL Your Love, Lord,
in the touch of joy You send,
in the strength that doesn’t end.

I HOLD Your Love, Lord,
in the clasp of a child’s hand,
in the circle where we stand.

I WALK Your Love, Lord,
in my steps to reach each one,
in the teachings of Your Son.

I KNOW Your Love, Lord,
in the gifts of children’s love,
in the blessings from above.

I HAVE Your Love, Lord,
in each moment of this day.
In gratitude now I pray:

Praise and thank you, Lord
For Your unceasing Love!

Sister Marie Roccapriore is Director of Religious Education and Parish Ministries in St. Thomas Parish, Southington, CT, and director of Spirit Joy Children’s Music Ministry, which reaches out to those who are sick and elderly in hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities.

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