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Craft Clip: Pine Cones
by Jeanne Heiberg
Gather natural pine cones, with flat and open petals (scales), or purchase them at craft stores.
Gather natural pine cones, with flat and open petals (scales), or purchase them at craft stores.

* Make a bird feeder with pine cones held together with wire or string (threaded through the top petals for hanging). Spread cones with peanut butter, lard, or suet, and roll them in birdseed. You may want to add millet, oatmeal, or chopped nuts in crevices between the petals. Hang the bird feeder to the limb of a bare tree.
* Make a Christmas angel. Attach to the narrow end of the pine cone an angel head made out of a large wooden bead or a piece of card stock cut in a circle. Tie a large bow on “back” for the angel’s wings or cut wings from card stock and attach using twine or thin wire. Before attaching the “head,” use a marker to make a smiling and radiant face. 
* Make a tree decoration. With the narrow point downward, hold the pine cone over an empty box and brush the tips of the pedals lightly with white glue. Then sprinkle silver or gold craft glitter over the glue. Tie a bright ribbon or bow at the narrow point for hanging.
* Make a miniature Christmas tree. Glue the wide “bottom” of the pine cone to cotton balls to create a  base. Then string small beads on dental floss, fish line, or thin wire to make a garland. Drape the garland around the pine cone and finish the “tree” with a small bow on the “top.”
* Make a Thanksgiving turkey decoration. Hold the pine cone horizontally and glue an acorn or nut “head” to the narrow end. Make a red wattle and small eyes out of construction paper and glue to the “head.” Then make red, orange, and yellow tail feathers from construction paper and attach to the wide end of the pine cone. Set the “turkey” in a base of modeling clay. In the same way, you can make other animals and birds.
* Make a nice Christmas present for someone special by placing small pine cones in a decorative bowl. Add fragrant potpourri and a few small, shiny balls.
* Make your Advent wreath even more seasonal by working pine cones into the evergreen boughs. They can be fastened with ribbon or thin wire.

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