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Craft Clip: Produce Netting
by Jeanne Heiberg
Craft Clip gives you ideas for using ordinary household items in crafts and other activities with your students.
Remove any labels that are glued to the netting.

* Make water bottle totes by tying one end of the net bag closed with yarn. Weave another piece of yarn about an inch below the other end to tie the opening closed after the bottle is inserted. Tie long pieces of yarn, ribbon, or cord to the sides to create a shoulder strap.
* Make reusable book packs/lunch totes by tying two net bags together and following the directions for making water bottle totes.
* Add a special touch to the next gift you give by wrapping it with white tissue and then covering it with netting. You might want to layer the netting, using different colors.
* Cut netting in strips to use as ribbon, cord, or string for any craft project.
* Make colorful flowers by cutting off the top of several bags, so that each one is only about six inches deep. Hold all the bags together at the bottoms, tie them together with a piece of cord, and attach the cluster to floral wire, a dowel, or a skewer. Just one of these makes a nice dish scrubber.
* Have students draw shapes of fish, cut them out, and place them in nets to emphasize a Gospel story such as the big catch (John 21:1-14; Luke 5:1-11) or Jesus calling Simon, Andrew, James, and John (Mark 1:16-20). Or cover a portion of the wall or bulletin board with netting and cover the netting with fish to create a larger display.
* Use netting over a paper plate turned into a shallow cone hat. Cut a pie wedge from the plate, then overlap the edges to form a cone. Staple ends together and cover with netting. Netting can go over both the hat and the forehead, or cut the netting into strips to use as ties.
* Cut netting into strips to use in weaving on a cardboard loom.

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