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Craft Clip: Plastic Lids
by Jeanne Heiberg
Use any size and color of paper-cup lids—even transparent ones.
Use any size and color of paper-cup lids—even transparent ones.

* Make mobiles with themes such as light, new life, the Sacraments, Lent, etc. From magazines and catalogues, cut messages, symbols, and swatches of color. Paste images on both sides of the lid. Hang the lids from tree branches or dowels strung one below the other. Or hang them from a hanger or in a vertical line. (For hanging, punch a hole in the lid by hammering a nail through it. Be sure to place a piece of wood behind the nail. Thread cord or ribbon through the hole. Note: Freezing water in the lid first makes it even easier to hammer the nail through the plastic; the lid keeps its shape better. Also, as a safety measure, punch holes in the lids before taking them to class for any project.)

* Sun catchers made from transparent lids will brighten your classroom. Cut doves, suns, flowers, etc. from art tissue and glue on the inside of the lids. Or paint designs on the lids using glass paint.

* Make faces on the lids. Paint the features with acrylics or tempera. (Mix the paint with soap if it doesn’t stick.) Faces do not need to be precise or exact. Use faces of saints or people from the Bible. Or you might want to depict faces expressing emotions: sadness, anger, joy, surprise, love, sorrow, etc.

* Smaller lids make great magnets. Decorate one side of the lid and attach a piece of self-adhesive magnetic strip to the other side.

* Make achievement awards. Attach ready-made achievement stickers to either side of a lid, stickers that say “Well Done,” “You Did It,” “Way to Go,” etc. You can make the award into a magnet or you can thread it on a ribbon or piece of cord to be hung around the neck or you can attach it to a piece of ribbon for a bookmark.

* Reinforce Jesus’ sayings by writing them on pieces of paper, gluing the pieces of paper inside the lids, and hanging the lids around the classroom or placing them on your prayer table. Students can also take the message lids home.

Jeanne Heiberg is the author of Advent Arts & Christmas Crafts (Paulist Press) and Advent calendars (Creative Communications). She has taught art, writing, creative catechetics, and meditation, and has directed parish catechetical programs. Jeanne writes, paints, and gives writing workshops in upstate New York. Jeanne welcomes visitors at her blog:

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