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Craft Clip: Copy Paper
by Jeanne Heiberg
Craft Clip gives you ideas for using ordinary household items in crafts and other activities with your students.
As long as you have 8 ½” x 11” copy paper, you have the makings of a craft. 

* Make prayer booklets and journals. Fold in half, top to bottom, as many sheets as you wish. (You will have four times as many pages as you do sheets of paper.) With the fold on the left side (the “spine”), punch two holes about half an inch from the fold. Thread a piece of yarn through the holes, tie in the “front,” and decorate the cover.
* Make greeting cards for any occasion. Fold a sheet of paper in half, top to bottom. Then fold in half again, left to right. Hold with folds to the left or at the top; this is the “front” of the card. Design or decorate the front and open the card to write a greeting inside. Add more designs or decorations. You might even want to write on the back of the card “This card especially designed for you by …” and sign your name.
* Make paper chains by cutting 1” wide strips, joining the ends of one strip to form a circle, passing a strip through that circle to form another, continuing into a chain. Draw words and symbols on the strips appropriate for the liturgical season, the celebration of a Sacrament, or any special occasion.
* Make crowns. Cut a sheet of paper in half lengthwise and place the two strips on top of each other. Fold the layered strip into accordion pleats, about 1” wide. Cut from the middle of one side of the folded paper to the top of the other side. When you unfold the paper, you have two strips of peaks and valleys. With tape or glue, attach the two strips together where they match the best. (This is a good idea for the Feast of Christ the King. Or you may want students to draw pointed twigs on the crown to represent Jesus’ crown of thorns.)
* Make cone baskets for many uses. Draw a large circle on a sheet (trace around a plate). Cut out the circle and cut a slice from the circle up to 1/4 of the “pie,” 1/8 for a wider basket. Bring cut edges of the circle together to form a cone. Overlap edges and glue or tape. Form strips of paper into loops and attach at the top for hanging or carrying.

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