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Craft Clip: Paper Clips
by Jeanne Heiberg
Craft Clip gives you ideas for using ordinary household items in crafts and other activities with your students.
Besides the usual oblong shape, paper clips come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

* To make a necklace, link 25 oblong paper clips, one to the next. Gold is especially nice for this project. Cut 1”-square swatches of color from magazines; for larger paper clips, make the swatches 1 ½” square. Wrap the swatches around the paper clips, leaving the linked ends uncovered. Glue the ends of the swatches together so they stay in place. Brushing Mod Podge® or a mixture of half glue and half water over all the swatches will help your beautiful necklace last longer.

* Linking spiral paper clips or plastic-coated paper clips or any variety of different shapes makes a nice necklace or piece of garland. Try several strands in different colors. They are decorative by themselves or with craft beads or ribbons threaded through them.

* To make a bracelet, follow directions above using fewer paper clips. Use just enough to make a size that will slip onto the wrist. For a more decorative bracelet, thread craft beads onto paper clips and then link them together.

* To make a keychain, use large oblong paper clips. Thread beads onto each one then link the paper clips together to the desired length. Attach a key ring to the end and fasten keys to the ring.

* Make a bookmark by tying a length of ribbon or yarn to a large paper clip. The ribbon or yarn lies between the pages, and the paper clip can be clipped to the page to mark your place. Add beads to the paper clip if you like.

* Glue paper clips, end to end, on a piece of poster board or cardstock to form letters and words. Make inspiring wall texts or small cards with words like LOVE, PEACE, JOY.

* You can make an angel with a butterfly paper clip (often called a “clamp”) by considering the small protruding triangles as the angel’s wings. Weave a piece of ribbon or yarn around the upper point where the wings meet and thread a small bead onto the ribbon or yarn to serve as the angel’s head. Knot the ribbon or yarn. If you make this piece of ribbon or yarn extra long, it can serve as a hanger and the angel becomes an ornament.

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