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Craft Clip: Old Crayons
by Jeanne Heiberg
Craft Clip gives you ideas for using ordinary household items in crafts and other activities with your students.
Peel all paper from crayons. Use a food grater to make shavings.

* To make greeting cards, arrange shavings on white cardstock. Cover with another sheet of cardstock, sandwich all between newspapers, and iron. Remove the newspaper layers and the top sheet of cardstock. Let the wax patty harden on the cardstock. Write greetings around the colorful form.
* To create a stained glass effect, sandwich shavings between two sheets of wax paper or Mylar, place all between newspapers, and iron. Remove the newspaper and wax paper or Mylar. Tie a ribbon around the paddy and hang in the window. Or cut several openings in two pieces of black construction paper and glue the patty between the pieces to create the look of leading. Attach a ribbon to the construction paper for hanging.
* To make a candle, melt similar-color shavings with paraffin and/or old candle stubs in a pot set in a larger pot (a double-boiler) of water over low heat. Tape a length of waxed cord (wick) to the bottom of a candle mold, vigil light holder, or other strong container. Tie the top of the cord to a stick placed across the rim. Very slowly pour or ladle the melted mixture into the container, to about an inch or more from the top. When the mixture is cool, use as is or, with hot water, ease candle out of container and place on a fire-safe dish.
* To make a tree ornament, cut a piece of cardstock in preferred shape (star, bell, ball, heart, angel, etc.). Punch a small hole in the top, insert a piece of cord or ribbon, and tie ends together for hanging. Cover shape with shavings, cover with another sheet of cardstock, and sandwich all between newspaper. Iron. Remove the newspaper layers and the top sheet of cardstock. Allow a few minutes for the wax to cool and harden. Your ornament is ready to hang.
* To make new crayons, melt crayon stubs in a muffin tin and then freeze for about 30 minutes. The new crayons should snap right out of the muffin tin.

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